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Loryane aime

Place d'armes,17320 Brouage.

High street fashion at a very competitive price !

A wide range of clothing and styles,from kids to grannies and size 4 to 28 !

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Party dresses 45€ ! gent's suits 60€ !

L'Arc en ciel

24 rue du Quebec,17320,Brouage.

Traditional wooden toys and gifts.Samphire grass,Locally sourced salt.Paintings.

Take a look at  our toys on our website

Couleur Lokal

By the side of the Chrch,17320 Brouage

Regional products , honey,cognac,pineau,original soaps and much more.


Tresor des oceans

 10 Rue du Quebec,17320 Brouage.
A wide range of baskets ,a great soap collection .original hand made hand towels and some fantastic  clothing.

Au bon bec

Rue Notre Dame,Brouage.Tel:

A wide range of home made confectionnery.

Flavoured fudge ( Pineau,Cognac,Sea salt and more) , lollies,artisanal jams,tender nougat etc.

Au filet de peche

4, rue de l'Hopital ,Brouage.

Tel: 05 46 85 46 17

Morrocan delights in the heart of the citadel.

cloths,hats,baskets,scarves and more.